Frequently Asked Questions

What's your cancellation policy?
Reservations must be cancelled within four hours of cruise departure for individuals, within 72 hours for groups.
No refunds or reschedules for missed boats. No exceptions!

What's the best time to see dolphins?
We haven't found that any time is better than the other.

Are we guaranteed to see dolphins?
99%; only Sea World can guarantee.

How long do your tours last?
Typically right at or just over an hour for day tours, an hour and fifteen minutes typically for sunset cruises.

May I bring a cooler?
No, but you may bring whatever you can carry in your hands; no cans or glass. Beverages are available for purchase on board.

May I bring my dogs?
Yes as long as they are not "barkers," have proof of current year rabies vaccination (as required by Georgia State Law) and will not try to bite strangers if they want to pet them.

What should I wear?
Dress is casual; high heels are not recommended.

Are your boats wheelchair accessible?
Regrettably, no.

What time are your dolphin tours?
We run daily but our times vary; please look at our online calendar.

May we touch the dolphins?
No, federal law prohibits this. Doing so may result in a hefty fine (up to $10,000), jail time, and confiscation of the vessel.

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