About Capt. Mike's Dolphin Tours and Lazaretto Creek Marina

Michael and Iris Scarbrough had a dream for themselves and their youngest daughter, Lisa: to one day live where they felt the most relaxed and loved as a family. In 1992, the family purchased the two docks, two houses, storage building and land. Over the next two years, they rebuilt the docks and remodeled the houses to create a cozy and hospitable marina. In March 1993, they left their home in Atlanta to permanently live at and run Lazaretto Creek Marina.

Since then, the family has continued to own and run the marina, extending their Southern hospitality to all who visit. Stranded boaters who have experienced technical difficulties along the coast have been welcomed by Capt. Mike and his family, who oversee the boaters' comfort and make arrangements for mechanics to tend to them. Girl Scouts from across the country have been captivated by Capt. Mike's Dolphin Tours as well as the warm welcome they receive.

Lazaretto Creek Marina also served as a home-away-from-home for 1996 Olympic Teams. Five U.S. teams from across the country were treated to daily low country boils and trips into Savannah during their stay for the 1995 Olympic Yachting Trials. During the 1996 Olympics, teams from Italy, Cayman Islands, and the U.S. were also hosted by the family.

Lazaretto Creek Marina also offers some of the finest island cuisine at Coco's Sunset Grille and the freshest seafood at the Seafood Market. Arrangements can also be made for private parties on the dock.


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Our Feline Residents

When you come to visit Capt. Mike's Dolphin Tours, you may be greeted by several of our feline residents. Capt. Mike and his family have undertaken the care of this cat colony since 1993. All cats are vaccinated and spayed or neutered, and enjoy a life of leisure, sunbathing on the docks and snacking on fresh seafood.

Young kittens are kept in the office for sociliazation and care. Most are available for adoption through Coastal Pet Rescue, an animal rescue organization founded by Capt. Mike's daughter, Lisa.

Please be respectful of the cats during your visit. We ask that children not chase them as not all of the cats are interested in attention from people outside of feeding times.